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Birthday Cakes with Flowers

We need at least 72 hours notice  for decorated cakes.  We limit the number of these cakes to ensure the quality of our products.
We do NOT accept online orders.  

Bright Color Cascade1
Cake with Pale Pink Flat Flowers 2
Pallet Knife Flowers 3
Beautiful Flower Cake 4
90th 3 tier Cascading Flowers 5
Flowers up sides 6
Blue Flowers Chocolate Iced Cake 7
2 Tier Pink Rosette Flower Cake 8
2 Tier Blue & White Bday Cake 9
Fall Theme Birthday 10
Combo Cake w/ Blue Flowers 11
Pastel Flowers 12
1960's Theme Cake 13
Birthday Cake w_ Flowers 14
Pink Flower Cake 15
Spring Flower Cake 16
Fall Flower Cake 17
Birthday Cake with Orchids 18
Birthday Cake with Red Flowers 19
Birthday cake w/ purple Lilies 20
B-day Cake w/ Pink Cabbage Roses 21
Sheet Cake w/ Flowers 22
Chocolate Iced 60th Cake 23
Hawaiian Flower Cake 24
Assorted Flower Cascade 25
Purple Tulip Cake 26
Ring of Flowers 27
Pink toned Lilly Cake 28
Assorted Flowers Chocolate Cake 29
Cherry Blossom Cake 30
Red Sunflower cake 31
HB Laura Spring Flowers 32
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