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Michael Bierker and his wife Elizabeth opened Westhampton Pasty Shop in Richmond in 1952.  They retired in 1976, and sold to the Rogers Family, bringing three more generations of experience to the bakery.  Guy "Boots" Rogers took over for his father in 1990, working hard to perfect his recipes.  He imparted this knowledge and experience to the team, ensuring that his family's legacy would live on.  We continue to use the same recipes and techniques with the utmost respect to his family's vision.  We invite you to come visit us and experience this Richmond tradition!

Detail RICE 2061C.jpg
Detail 2051B.jpg
Westhampton Pastry Shop October 1958
Michael Bierker (Original Owner)
Rogers Article12.jpg
Westhampton Pastry Shop October 1958
Guy N. Rogers Jr and Guy N. Rogers III
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