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Westhampton Pastry Shop has provided Richmond area residents with elegant and delicious wedding cakes since 1952.  Backed by years of experience and quality craftsmanship at affordable prices, we cordially invite all brides to visit our bakery so we can help you in the wedding cake selection process. We have complementary consultations Tuesday through Saturday. Appointments are required.  Wedding cake samples are available for tasting and we will be happy to answer all of your cake questions.  Our designer will work with you to help bring your special day together.

Our Medium

We use pound cake only for our wedding cakes.  This ensures that the cakes are stable and will withstand any Central Virginia weather conditions.  We have seven flavors for you to choose from that you can mix and match.  Our cakes are iced and decorated with an American Buttercream, which ensures that they are entirely edible and delicious, making for beautiful slices.

When to Order

We use a reservation system for booking wedding cake orders.  A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to save your date (the deposit is deducted from the total cost of the cake).  Most brides reserve their date several months in advance, although we can take orders as late as two weeks before the event if space is available. We do not accept online orders.

Ropping White
Textured Fine Lines Damask Flowers
Egyptian Art Deco
White Dots
Green & Gold Cake
Floral Lace
Feathered Swirl w/ Pale Pink Boarder
Fine Textured Lines w/ yellow purple
Stained Glass Cake
Pearl Luster Dust Mixed Design
Textured Fine Lines Double Cascade
Stary Night
Hamburger Wedding Cake
Vine and Flower Work
Silver beads
5 Tier With gold dots
Lavender Hearts
Fancy Swirl and Dots
Posted Traditional
Posted Luster Dust Mixed Design
Paisley Posted Mixed Design
Posted Beach Theme Wedding
Posted Traditional W/ Pink Flowers
Posted Swiss Dots
Herringbone basket
Posted Painted Gold Flowers
Posted Basketweave
Posted Round and Square Cascade
Posted Gold Heirloom
Posted Peacock
Traditional Swan Cake
Posted Heirloom
Camo wedding
Antique Tra
Abstract Swirls
Martha Stewart 1
Pink Ruffles with Pearls
Red Cake w/ White Lace
Mixed Design 40
Damask Stenciled
Gold Swiss Dots
Blue With Flowers
Caramel Cake
Beaded Roping
Geometric Blue
Cascade Traditional
Bride and Groom
Daffodil w/ line Texturing
Chalkboard w/ painted & Rosettes
Pink Chalkboard Cake
Messy Basketweave
Pink Garden Basket Cake
Holy Flowers! Cake
Red Ribbon Cake
Birchwood Cake
Initials in Tree Cake
Gold Cake
Painted Botanical
Music Wedding Cake
Blue Damask Stenciling
Black and Gold Cake
Love Awaits Elegant Simple Cake
Green cake Southwestern Design
Swirls Purple Flowers
Martha Stewart 1 Red
Fine Lines WIth Pink Flowers
Ivy Design
Fine Textured Lines
Mixed Design w/ Flower Tower
Wedding Cake w/ Navy Blue Ribbon
Gold Band
2 Tier Red Flowers
Luster Dust Mixed Design 2
Fine Textured Lines Purple Cascade
Purple Cascade
Fine Textured Lines w/ Dots
Blue Southwestern Cake
Fine Textured Lines w/ Flowers
Fine Textured Lines and Rosettes
Purple flowers scraped spat
Star Wars 2
Star Wars
Feathered Swirls
Blue Cascade
Red and Gold Cascade
Art Deco Cake
Pink Swiss Dots & Rosettes
Ruffled W/ Purple Hydrangea
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